Lined Hunting Collar Stitching


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Product description

This is a 2-in-1 outfit, with a removable martingale and buckle system, so that the hunting collar can be used alone.\r\nThe stitching and embroidered details add an extra touch of aesthetics.\r\nEasy attachment to the saddle with snap hooks.\r\n\r\nThis hunting collar is made of "superior" buffalo leather and fully lined with leather.\r\n\r\nTake the opportunity to match ...\r\n\r\n* your rider's outfit with the Verone trousers with stitching, reference CULF06.\r\n\r\n* your horse's outfit with numerous bridles:\r\n\r\n- the Picasso, reference BRID03R,\r\n- the Michel Robert Triple Headband Combination Bridle, reference BRID03T, or the same in a cross noseband, reference BRID03TC,\r\n- the Luxe Michel Robert Combined Noseband, reference BRID02SUR, or the same in the Cross noseband, reference BRID02SURC.\r\n- the Picabia Combined Noseband, reference BRID05BRD, or the same in the Cross Noseband, reference BRID05BRDC.\r\n\r\n\r\nClassy and discreet overall effects, choices to make you stand out while being discreet, gift ideas to offer!

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